(Bird Song is available in 12mm only- only 4 left)

(Paisley Parade is available in 12mm only)


Ginny said...

These are beautiful. What a great idea. I have to think about what I need and I will come back for purchases.

Jim and April said...

your bracelets are absolutely beautiful and i love how your naming your daughter Isabella too!

Valerie and Jeff said...

I LOVE your bracelets and I LOVE your cause! (I also love your photography and layout of each of your bracelets. HOW COOL!)

Just knowing that God has given you talents that have been an avenue to bring your daughter home warms my heart with HOPE and JOY :-)

Blessings to you and your family. I cannot wait for you to reach your daughter!

David and Sarah said...

Absolutely beautiful bracelets! I'll have to let my daughters (all 3 are adopted!) pick out their favorites.


Karen Dawkins said...

How beautiful.

When we set out to bring our daughter home six years ago, we boldly told God He had to provide. We knew that when He called us to adoption, He would also make a way. Debt is not his plan! He honored our prayers and the testimony of His love still blows us away.

May He continue to provide for you as you seek to honor Him with your hearts, lives and finances!!!

God bless!

TanyaLea said...

Daleea, these are just beautiful. I remember when God first gave you this idea. It's wonderful to see it doing so well. I love how He always provides, and what a beautiful story this will be to show your Isabella one day! So happy for you!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Kristin said...

Blessings as you prepare to adopt! Your bracelets are beautiful!

Valerie and Jeff said...

I just came across an adorable fabric today that may have a small enough print to look perfect on your bracelets. It's from the Heidi Grace Fabric Line called "We Are Family" and features tiny long legged lady bugs and hearts. It is a departure from the more trendy fashionable ones you currently feature (which I love by the way!) But since the ladybug is "adoption related" and all I thought it might be very cute to consider adding (I see the cute bird one sold out!)
I will be ordering something soon! Continued Best Wishes!

Valerie and Jeff said...

BTW, I happen to have that ladybug fabric posted on our blog on 3/17/10 's post in case you are curious.

Lauren said...

these are gorgeous! I just ordered one for myself! I am so honored to be able to support your adoption ... I know the blessing it is because we're in the middle of adopting from Ethiopia! :) I am your newest follower too!


love said...

LOVE these! i will be ordering for gifts! congratulations on this beautiful, blessed journey!
ps--here from linny's. =)

Tiffany said...

Your bracelets are so beautiful & unique! I was here visiting through Linny's blog & just ordered 3 :) I am thrilled to be a part of helping to make your Isabella orphaned no more!!!